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Re: Max Wedge= The first purpose-built prioduction drag racer,THA...

From: Joe Godec
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Date: July 29, 2002
Time: 19:15:17


Daven, I would say there probably are as many "muscle car" definitions as there are drivers. Surely the max wedges were mighty cars, but, as you said, their streetabilty was impossible. The Goat was great on the street, but it wasn't really that hot on the strip. You kinda "pays yore money and takes yore choice" on the issue. I like to think that '60 330/383 Sono I had back in '60-'64 (4.10 gears and headers) is a muscle car, because it was mine and I had so much fun with it on both street and strip (strip only in '60-'61). I also had a lot of street fun with a '65 426S and 4-speed, but the best car I had for a "stop-light Gran Prix" was a '67 R/T 375/440 (4-speed as well -- lousy clutch), which was pretty good even against the Hemi (especially since hemis were so darned to keep tuned properly). Incidentally, the Goats were/are pretty overrated (my dad had a '64 and a '67) and both were meat on the table for that R/T. Speaking of fun, there was once a get-together of that R/T, a big-block Vette, and a tripower Goat that was magnificent -- tires smoking and screaming, exhausts roaring, air cleaners howling. . . !!!!! Everybody has their own idea of a muscle car; I just prefer one I can take on the street. Back in the '60s, not everyone could afford to buy a purpose-built drag machine nor could devote the time/money to serious drag racing, but max-wedge or no, that '60 Sono sure surprised a couple of 409/409s. Did my heart good.


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