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Re: unreliable starting 6 VOLTS

From: Adam Green
Remote Name:
Date: July 29, 2002
Time: 03:16:32


Steve, you have a few options here. 1. Sell the car (I'm just kidding) 2. Convert the entire electrical system to 12v. This is probably the best but most labour/cost intensive. Your original switches and wiring would be ok if in good condition but EVERYTHING else must be changed for a 12v equivalent from a donor car. 3. You could convert just the starting circuit to 12v. Email me directly if you want a circuit diagram on how to do this. Before you go to a lot of trouble, make sure that the original 6v system is up to scratch,i.e. battery/starter/earth circuit in good condition. You may want to even try a heat sheild around the original starter. Every little helps.


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