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1962= Exner leftovers altered by Engle

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: July 28, 2002
Time: 21:03:47


Exner called the '62 Chrysler the 'plucked chicken' because Elwood Engle had definned it. Also,the '62 Plymouth is MOSTLY Exner,but Engle took out the asymmetrical hood/trunk chrome pieces at the 'last minute'. The hood and trunk trim ran parallel to the driver's position (like the XNR showcar),but Engle changed them to be on the center line of the hood/trunk. The '63-4 Chrysler still has the '61-2 cowl (the windshields will interchange). The '62 Imperial also got 'plucked' (de-finned),but Exner's free-standing headlights stayed through '63,and the '57 windshield/cowl stayed through '66. Indeed,my Grandma's '66 Hemi Dodge Charger had the electro-luminescent gauges (a nice 'tribute'!),but what you call remnants of fins I would call Elwood's famous 'crease' lines reminiscent of his best design,the '61 Lincoln Continental (also seen on '64-later Imperials).


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