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Max Wedge= The first purpose-built prioduction drag racer,THAT'S why I said

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: July 28, 2002
Time: 20:50:03


In NO way did I mean to suggest that the muscle cars did not have ROOTS in the 1955 C-300,,1951 Chrysler,1949 Olds,1941 Buick Century (2 carbs,100 mph!),OHV conversions on Model T's,etc. but the muscle car era is defined by drag racing and the Max Wedge is the first 'production' vehicle by a major manufacturer designed and engineered specifically for the purpose of drag racing. Most specifically,the camshaft profile. Previous 413's,348-409 Chevys,389 Pontiacs,394 Olds,390 Fords, etc. all still had camshaft profiles designed for street use. The Max Wedge had the first true "drag racing" camshaft profile,at the expense of everyday streetability.


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