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Re: Paddock??? Two different sets of two fours

From: alumcan
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Date: July 28, 2002
Time: 13:59:14


J and J, Either you grew up aound horses all your life, or yer lime green Mustang got you brain washed, thinking about horses all the time. :-D Better not let yer wife hear you talking like that,,,,,. Betcha didn't know that there were TWO different sets of two fours for those 350's. A stick set and a automatic set. I had both. I tore one of each carbs down side by side. The ONLY difference I could see in 'em, was the different #'s stamped on the base plate. (unless there was something little that I missed inside) I never did check to see if there was any difference in the intakes. I suppose if I ever get time, I could get 'em side by side and see,,,,,but both intakes are in two different locations.


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