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Re: 58 fury 3 on the tree

From: alumcan
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Date: July 28, 2002
Time: 09:15:12


J and J (Jon and Jesscia) I got one of those 350 stick motors. The one I was telling about that I got $2,700 '83-4-5 dollars in to rebuild. (goes with all of my other Fury parts to trade for that convt parts car) I had to send to Calif to get pistons made. That motor and a title came out of a Fury bought new by movie star Craig Stephens. Better known as Peter Gunn. This car was 'supposidly' used in a few episodes of his TV series. But can't proove it. Four or five years (?) ago, I think that same 'stick' Fury was at Carlsile. The description matches. (rough) He wanted $15K then!


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