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Re: 1961....The last year of the Exner Era autos. 1962- the M...

From: Doo Wop Al
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Date: July 28, 2002
Time: 00:16:05


I would think '61 is the last year of the forward look, but technically not the last year of Exner designed autos. Remember how he got blasted for the '62s? And, my old '62 Newport was pretty darn Exner to me. I remember reading an article that stated that Elwood Engle did'nt fully take over until the '65 cars. (That would put him in the studio in maybe '62 or so.) I see Engle in the '63 and '64 Chrysler line, but there is evidence of Exner in them too. Any more thoughts on this anyone?


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