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Re: 58 fury 3 on the tree

From: ForwardLook Frank
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Date: July 27, 2002
Time: 21:37:27


Hello Jon, most of the Fury's were automatic but you have to remember they were the performance line of the Plymouth Division. The stick models had a heavier duty clutch, etc. There weren't many made. Most were automatics and most that survived were automatics. Folks that ordered GC cars with a stick bought it to race and they were torn up pretty bad. My stepfather's best friend bought a '58 GC Fury after he traded his '56 Fury in. He ordered it with the GC 350 and stick trans. He also chromed the valve covers and aircleaners and had the popular for the late fifties lake pipes. My stepfather doesn't remember much about it but he remembers it was fast and it won many a race. I don't think my step dad raced against it with his '56 catalina 316 3x2bbl with a '57 vette tranny because I think he said his catalina would have been no contest for the hot rod Fury. By the way, nice meetinng you and Jessica at Carlisle. Glad to see I'm not the only tailfin lovin' "youngin'" out there. Take Care-Frank P.S. That car was OVERpriced. In that shape it's only worth about 5-7K. I looked it over good and it was a low 5 high six. It's only good point was its completeness right down to the air cleaners.


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