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Re: Thoughts on Moviemaking - and Car chases...

From: Jeff Pozniak
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Date: July 27, 2002
Time: 07:51:50


I don't necessarily agree with cars being demolished in movies, but to me, computer generated graphics would seem to lack the same impact that a real car chase/demo scene would throw at the audience. There's nothing like the real thing....unfortunately. As it pertains to Christine, if a sequel is ever made, I sure hope to God they use computer graphics!! I get stomach pains everytime I see a classic car destroyed on tv....guess I better get that checked out :) Anyway, I think Christine would be best if left alone the way it sequel, no re-makes. How many times have movie sequels bombed? Too many to count! Just think about it, how many people actually have the privilage of sitting down in front of their tv and watching a movie that revolves around their dream car? I say we're lucky to have one at all...nevermind a sequel. Jeff


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