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58 fury 3 on the tree

From: Jon Hendricks
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Date: July 26, 2002
Time: 12:27:54


At this year's Chrysler Nationals in carlisle, in the for sale paddock was a semi-nice 58 fury with a 3 on the tree! I had no idea that this option even existed, I thought that the Fury was a luxo-style "touring" car with an automatic only. How many 3 speeds were produced? and how many still exist? this guy wanted 12,000 for this one, and it was pretty rough, lots of rust, interior needed a lot of work. Basically needed a frame-off, but he did go down to 10,000 sunday afternoon, and he ended up trailoring it back home. He was asking way too much money for that thing...that makes me sad because the only reason why he even asked that much was because of a movie that was made almost 20 years ago that featured a 58 plymouth, so he thought they were worth tons of cash even in sad shape. oh well. Jon Hendricks


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