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Re: Thoughts on Moviemaking - and Car chases...

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: July 26, 2002
Time: 11:42:02


Good points,but I disagree on some. "Wrecking cars will ALWAYS be cheaper than CGI": Computer graphics get cheaper,faster and more realistic with every passing year. It is already possible to produce movie-type effects on HOME computers. If you are sufficiently determined and skilled,you can create "Jurassic Park" quality effects with computer and video items that anyone can purchase at retail stores. Just imagine what a home computer will be able to do 10 years from now! NOW,multiply that to the multiple desktops and trained pros at a movie studio! 10-20 years from now,I'd bet it will be cheaper to wreck a car in CG than to buy even a $1000 car and set up a real shot (and get permissions,like you said!) Ironically,what you cite about getting permission to shoot on public roads is ANOTHER argument for CG. I mean,if all the roads and backgrounds were done on CG,you may as well do all the cars too. AND they don't have to pay stuntmen and pay for permissions,licenses,liabiltiy insurance,etc.!) The movie studios DO own tons of cars,and most of the time they do NOT wreck them. It IS more economical to use a car over and over again. Most of these movies that wreck a lot of cars (like "Fast & Furious") buy cars specifically for that movie and are not using the usual 'studio' cars. This was true in "Christine",for example. No studio had 23 1958 Plymouths sitting around, they were all purchased from private owners or salvage yards. It cost them $500,000 to buy and restore those cars in 1983,imagine what it would cost NOW (and add to that getting permissions,licenses,liability insurance,stunt people,etc.) CG also saves all of the TIME of setting up and filming 'real' stunt shots. AND in CG you could do car chases in snow (like in the 'Christine' book) that would be impossible to shoot as a real stunt shot. I stand by what I said that it would be cheaper to shoot a "Christine" sequel on all-CG than in 'real' shots,and what you said about the difficulty of shooting on public roads is an even better argument for CG!


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