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From: Mopar Randy
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Date: July 26, 2002
Time: 02:42:02


My 57 Dodge has a 325 CI Hemi. The car did not have A/C originally, but I bought a 57 Dodge wagon that had the factory air, so I converted it. The Dodge wagon was missing some of the parts, namely the original 325 ci engine, and thus all the pulleys and brackets. They had tried to put a 354 CI big hemi from a 56 Chrysler into the wagon, and, as you probably know, all the brackets and pulleys are very different. Anyway, that's where I got the idea to order the belts and make the brackets and pulleys to match, keeping a certain semblance of originality while enabling the coversion. I used an RV2 compressor, although from a later model, so it has the Schraeder valves and later style clutch. I also moved the reciver/dryer from under the right fender to under the hood for charging with the sight glass. The was you can check for yourself about the pulleys for you DeSoto is to go and order the belts for one with A/C and see what you get. During the course of my coversion, I also changed from a generator to an alternator which gave me the dual groove generator pulley. Does your 60 have an alternator? I kind of thought that alternators came into being in 61. Good luck, Mopar Randy


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