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Thoughts on Moviemaking - and Car chases...

From: Steven Dean
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Date: July 25, 2002
Time: 13:23:36


First making is big business... Secondly... the studios don't care about old cars...or their value. (unless it's a Duesenburg) You see... wrecking the real thing will ALWAYS be cheaper than CGI. Besides, go tour a studio backlot. There are hundreds of cars the studio already owns sitting back there, bought when they were dirt cheap. Thirdly, yes, they do get a kick when they know the few car nuts in the audience cringe. To them, the movie is the most important thing. the world revovles around what ends up on screen. Old cars, and human beings for that matter, just don't measure up. As far as car chases go. It has simply gotten too expensive to stage these huge events on public streets. (At least in the larger cities) The days of "Bullit", Original "Gone in 60 seconds", "The Blues Brothers" and even CHiPs for that matter have turned off this aspect. Permits and insurance being the deciding factor. But that won't stop them from the smaller scale old car destruction. I'm sorry to report.


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