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Bleeding brakes on a 59 Coronet

From: Matt
Remote Name:
Date: July 22, 2002
Time: 18:51:46


Having trouble getting a firm brake pedal on my 59 Coronet. Here's what I done, let me know if I'm missing a step. What's new: Master cylinder, all six wheel cylinders, spring kit and shoes. Started bleeding process as followed: Right rear, left rear, right front (lower cylinder first then upper cylinder), left front (same as other side. I adjusted the cams according to the manual. Bench bled the master cylinder before installing, no bubbles found. During bleeding process, the fluid comes out in a stream, bubbles appeared at first but not anymore. The pedal will become firm after pumping it a few times, but never firm after the first or second try. Does anyone have any suggestions or does it take a while to get the air out of these brakes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Matt


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