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Re: 59 Saratoga (was:Tranny leaks)

From: Chris Lemos
Remote Name:
Date: July 20, 2002
Time: 19:09:33


Hey Rich, I'm doing a '59 Saratoga right now. Nobody that I've found shows any sheetmetal at all except rockers. I talked to one person at Carlisle who told me the Plymouth floor plans he sells will work, but are not quite correct. I wasn't quite to that point last weekend, so I wasn't sure looking at the ones he had there.. Now that I've finshed gutting the interior I'm having my doubts they would even be workable. The pans I saw there did not have the indented locations for the seat tracks. I guess if thats the only problem, the seats will just sit 1/2 inch higher then they were. No biggie. My trunk has been repaired once, totally wrong, so that needs to be done, as do the rear quarters. Haven't been able to find either yet.Last night I was wondering how just how far "off" the Plymouth quarters are, since it seems like the Christine clones have the most sheetmetal available. Jessica has inspired me to work on a website to show my progress too. Just need to put it online somewhere.


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