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Christine?? another one??

From: Doug
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Date: July 20, 2002
Time: 03:25:45


as for a Christine II.....i dont really like the idea....i mean i love the movie....but think about it guys...the movie was pretty cheesy....Dont think its worth wrecking furys for a bad movie!! not saying christine was a bad one!!! it did save many 58s from the crusher and that was a good thing....but 58s are so damn rare now it should be a crime to wreck one!! still i see these cars rot every day....i see a 59 fury sitting in a garage on my way to work every day....guy will not sell i know of a bigblock 61 fury in a junk yard pretty complete......3rd car in a 4 car pile....know of what left of a 58 fury and a 61 belvedere and a 56 fury on a old farm in a cattle shed....guy wont sell for any price....stuff is still sitting and rotting.....i dont know what i would rather see....the cars destroyed in a movie....or sitting in a cattle shed until there is nothing left of them.....


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