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my 2 cents on christine II

From: Jon Hendricks
Remote Name:
Date: July 19, 2002
Time: 13:27:37


Not sure if anyone remembers me or not, but I am jessica's fiance, and I used to post on here every now and then. is what I think they should do with the sequal. Make christine come back as a 1957 300C, or a desoto adventurer convertible, and instead of the car running people over and crashing into things, it/they would mesmorize people to death. The hood magically opens whenever the "****ters" come around and they stare at the beautifully detailed 392/345 hemis until their brains turn to mush. That way, no cars are harmed (maybe drooled on a little bit) but no high speed chases, no crash scenes, no destroyed classics. Its the perfect solution, tho the story might get a little boring to non-car people, but to those MoPar fanatics it would be a timeless classic. I know I'd see it ;) Jon Hendricks


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