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A destruction-free car movie CAN be made (if they want to!)

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: July 17, 2002
Time: 23:18:58


The new "Gone In 60 Seconds" and "The Fast And The Furious" actually mix computer graphics and traditional stunt shots. ONLY the latter destroyed any cars! (Funny how no one's criticized the Dukes Of Hazzard for offing about 320 [!] Chargers, I guess SEEING one destroyed in "F&F" upsets people more than the never-shown but incredible level of destruction of the "Dukes".) Needless to say,the producers of "Gone" and "F&F" did not care about the destruction of cars,and for some shots it was still cheaper to do traditional stunt shots and wreck the cars rather than do C.G. Technically,though,ALL the shots in those two movies COULD have been done on C.G. What I'm saying is that IF the movie team wanted to make a (the first?) "non-destructive to actual cars" CG-stunts-only movie,beyond any doubt it IS possible to do so. And given that '58 Plymouths are harder to find and more expensive than '70 Chargers and '68 Mustangs,AND that owners would be a lot less willing to sell the car to be destroyed (some literally wouldn't sell the car for that at ANY offer!),a "Christine II" sequel might finally be the movie where it would be cheaper and more practical to do it all on C.G. rather than destroy any actual cars in "traditional" shots. (as well as the 'right' thing to do ethically speaking,they would make more money as we here on this site would be SEEING the movie instead of boycotting it!). "Christine" was not the BIGGEST movie ever made, but it does have a cult audience outside of us Forward Look car fans and the fact that the book is considered better than the movie is actually an argument for a remake. Look at how many movies more obscure than "Christine" have been remade. Would YOU have ever guessed that "Gone In 60 Seconds" would get a big-budget all-star remake? I wouldn't have! The fact that "Christine" is on DVD and many other worthy movies are NOT suggests that there is still some interest in the "old girl" yet! Besides,if the producers promise not to destroy any cars,they can get one of us F.L. people as a technical advisor (we sure as hell wouldn't do it if they were smashing up our beloved cars!) and we could make sure the movie is factually correct as far as the car is concerned (no GM door-lock buttons,or calling the engine a '396'). PS: It's not just movies that have morons destroying old cars. The '61 Fury barbeque grill and '58 Firesweep couch really stirred up some heated comments on this site a couple of months back (me included!) So I say IF they make this movie,'we' should make every effort to input and point out the GOOD reasons to make it 'all-CG' and 'no-cars-harmed'.


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