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Christine sequels - have no fear

From: Paul
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Date: July 17, 2002
Time: 22:26:55


For everyone afraid of a Christine sequel destroying more '58 Plymouths - everyone should be aware of the "Christine Law" enacted by Congress some 15? years ago after the movie came out. It was in response to the fact that over a dozen '58 Plymouths were destroyed in the making of the movie. The "Christine Law" mandates that Hollywood or any other movie makers cannot destroy classic/vintage automobiles in the making of a movie. I understand this has since been extended to all items of antique value and/or heritage, etc. What movie makers CAN do is to make "recreations" of antiques or classic cars and destroy them. This was actually done in the movie Christine - and the movie actually won an Academy Award for the creative reproductions used (i.e., when Christine "crunched" its way into the narrow loading dock, and when Christine "reincarnated" after being smashed by the vandals. Have no fear - Christine should return - because all '59 Plymouths would be forever "protected". Paul


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