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Re: shift delay on Powerflite and Torqueflite AT

From: Paul
Remote Name:
Date: July 17, 2002
Time: 22:18:17


SURE CURE for transmission shifting blues: 1. Adjust the throttle linkage, the trans rod lever to slide all the way forward at idle. 2. Buy a can of BERRYMAN'S CHEMTOOL liquid. Pour the can down the filler tube of a COLD transmission. Drive for a few hours, make sure transmission gets completely warmed up. Shift up and down through all the buttons, drive repeatedly up and down through all the shifting ranges including kickdown. MAGIC, this should work wonders, the stuff dissolves all the varnish that sticks all the small sliding parts inside. IMPORTANT: Now change the fluid to Type A or the newer Dexron, etc. Good Luck! Paul


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