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From: Boyd Crompton
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Date: July 17, 2002
Time: 11:06:51


Suggesting that anyone in favor of a Christine Pt2 is a dink or stupid is absurd. I have a clone car myself and would love to see a sequal. Of course I wouldnt want to see ANY of the cars destroyed for real. But there are plenty of ways the effect could be achieved without destoying any REAL 58 Plymouths. Ever see Jurrasic Park? They made Dinosuars come to life in that one. By the way the guy who runs the Christine website you speak of also runs one of the best 57-58 Plymouth sites out there. The discussion on his site about the sequal has been going on for over a year. Its mostly for fun so people could send in their idea's for it. Most of us know the movie will never be made. As was said before the original movie was responsible for saving many times more cars than were destroyed in making it. No need to over react and start bashing others opinions than your own. Thank you


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