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Re: Christine II

From: alumcan
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Date: July 17, 2002
Time: 10:00:28


Didin't we go through this topic last year? One of those Christine web sites posted a question as to, if a 'II' movie was to come out, what should 'Christine' be 'recycled' into? What kind of vehicle should Christine be? There were suggestions ranging from a lifted 4X4 Cummins Dodge Dullay, Vipers, Vettes, '59 Caddys/Buicks and probably more suggestions than I can remember right now. Einstine, didn't you suggest that Christine be a '60 Ply with a '61 front clip? Then the computer geniuses suggested using graphics,,,,but graphics is fake. NOTHING will replace the real thing, of crashing REAL vehicles! (Einstine, NEAT idea with the 'long rams'!!! SLLUUURRRRPPPP! Hey, that car, instead of 'eating Fords/Chevys, just ate a human being!! 'That' could be done with computer graphics) My idea still stands the same. If they (movie people) can take a LTD Ford and make it look like a '48 Tucker, and actually rolled the car over in the movie (there was a tremoundus amount of flak over that scene, untill the truth was reveiled) OK, go take a couple hundred of these several hundred thousand GM, Ford and Chrysler FWD's that are in the junk yards, and like the Tucker, MAKE them look like '58 Plymouths,,,instead of only wrecking 22 in the orginal movie, they could actually wreck 222 in the sequal! Since NO actual '58 Plymouths would be destoryed, Plymouth might pass '57 Chevys as 'the 50's' icon car! Oh well, my 2 cents.


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