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Christine Movie

From: Mike Myhrvold
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Date: July 17, 2002
Time: 08:17:23


I wouldn't worry too much about a Christine sequel. When Christine came out it was heavily promoted. It was touted as being the first movie to be released at the same time the book was a No. 1 best seller. They had premier parties around the counrty the night before it opened. They were giving away bumper stickers, key chains, first aid kits, sound track albums (the ones with the songs, not the John Carpenter music)and I don't know what else. And it wasn't the big hit they thought it would be. The big movie that year was some sci fi, special effects movie I can't remember, not a love story like Christine. I had my Christine clone at the premier party here in Tampa and at the theater for the premier. (The car that is in Cat's Eye.) If the movie was big enough for a sequel, it would have been already made. So I think our cars are safe.


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