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Re: 1955 300 Engine Numbers

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: July 17, 2002
Time: 07:08:01


First...To get a complete build reference on this vehicle, contact Chrysler Historical at ( The person to contact through is Lori Dunning, and she will refer you to an archivist whom can find out if your build records still exist. This record will give you ALL the options installed on your vehicle. THe $45.00 they charge is well worth it, as it is a complete record of how/when built, shipped, and to which dealer originally delivered. Secondly, I have seen front power/manual rear on these vehicles, so yours is NOT unique, although this option was not the popular norm. Thirdly, you are correct that the build Body Serial number and the engine serial number do not necessarily match (THAT WOULD BE UNUSUAL!). Chrysler started engine serial numbers for the New Yorkers (the NE prefix), and as the 300s came up, the next engine number was used, but a "3" was stamped ahead of the "NE" to designate the 300 engine.


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