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1955 300 Engine Numbers

From: Thomas DeBusk
Remote Name:
Date: July 16, 2002
Time: 22:46:48


I have a 1955 300 I need the numbers run on. The engine number is 3NE552090 & the VIN is 3NE552044. I'm told Chrysler somewhat randomly dropped motors into '55 300's, so this number does indicate an original motor for the car. That's not what I want to know. The car has at least one unusual feature: manual rear windows. I'm also told it wasn't unusual to had power front and manual rear windows in other Chryslers of that era. But a relatively well-informed 300 enthusuasiast has told me he's never seen another half-breed 300 of this kind. It sure looks like a factory installation in the rear. Where can I go to find someone who can run this VIN to see if this is factory-original? Do I have a one-off car? Is that info available? I'm told there's a fellow in Florida who has the microfiches that have this kind of info. That true? Is that Gil Cunningham? Anybody have contact info for him if it is? Thanks, Thomas


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