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Agreed: Computer graphics make car destruction unnecessary

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: July 16, 2002
Time: 22:45:04


The 'average' CG people in major Hollywood movies could do all of the effects in "Christine" on computer,and more importantly effects in King's original book that were simply impractical to film. (Christine doing a front-wheels peelout when LeBay's buddies held up the rear of the car, Christine falling through the wood floor at Will Darnell's house,Christine driving after Buddy Repperton in snow without losing any traction, Christine repairing herself while moving at high speeds,etc.) I'd be for a Christine sequel if no cars were destroyed. Personally,I vote for a '60 Fury as a 'younger sister' to the original car, then a red & white Fury as King described would have been available (and the Sonoramic Commando would make a super-cool underhood shot!).


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