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my old belvedere

From: Doug
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Date: July 16, 2002
Time: 19:30:46


I said i would share a few stories with you guys so here i go.....Ill tell ya about my first real 57 belvedere 2dr hardtop....i had owned a car before a 1948 plymouth coupe....she met a early death....the old flathead six let go the first day i had not wanting to fix that i got my first real car the 57.....i traded my bottle calfs for it.....i got it in sad old man blew a gasket when he seen it....the car looked was in grey primer with all the trim inside the car and no engine....But hey She had a brand new set of white walls on still wasnt impressed...but i told him hey im gonna fix it up!!....and fix it i did....i bought a 318 with 2-4s out of the local junkyard from a wrecked fury and mated it to the stick transmission already in the car...i drove it for about a month with primer and no trim....the thing took so much gas i was having a real hard time saving for paint!! But when i thought i was never going to have paint my buddy came through.....with some real ugly farmall red see he worked at the implement dealer and got a five finger discount.....but i was desprete so my ol 57 became farmall red with wide whites and plain black was looking....well....decent....not bad for the took about all my cash everyweek to keep gas in sure takes alot when its always to the floor board....when a little more cash got saved i bought a isky camshaft for it....sure sounded nice.....but when we started messing with the cams and the 2-4s thats when we started blowing engines.....but the car would also blow anything off the road.....nothing could touch it.....i was taking everything out with no problem....i raced a 1958 impala one crisp fall night the impala had a 348 tri power in it.....i blew its doors off no problem at all....but the old belve threw a rod that back home it went sat for a few days....went to the junkyard to see what there was....and i found a 303 powerpack from a 56 in the belve it went with a promise to pay for the engine when i got the cash....Im suprised the 303 held up for has long as it did!!! i beat that thing so bad always burning the tires and keeping it to the floor....when i graduated class of 64 the old 57 was looking pretty has a big dent on the trunk from backing into a tree and the bumpers were all crunched from playing bumper tag...fender dented pretty good from hitting a bridge with it drunk one night and the 303 would start knocking unless you took it really easy on i parked it in the trees behind the barn in the old cattle yard and let it sit....i went up to the mopar dealer that day too and bought a 1963 plymouth off the used car was a black belvedere with a pushbutton tranny in it pretty striped out nothing much in there except for a heater....but she had a 383 4 barrel and i liked that part a lot....the salesman that day told me it wasnt the orginal engine...he told me that the first motor had blown up....he then told me they had yanked the wedge out and droped a factory replacement 383 motor in it....i bought the car and left....never thinking of what the "wedge" must of been....that car was trashed and wrecked and sold....years later i finally figured out i had a original 426 max wedge car!!! the old 57 sat in the trees for years and finally dad was sick of it and got rid of it...i seen what was left of it in a junkyard about 3 years ago....she is pretty ruff....all stripped out just the body there....poor old girl i took a picture of her sad remains and have it framed in my shop besdie a picture of me by it when i was a dumb kid....yeah i beat the car pretty bad....but hey thats when they werent worth nothing....i really regret it now though!!!


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