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From: Jessica Hendricks
Remote Name:
Date: July 16, 2002
Time: 17:49:47


Hey you KRAZEE KIDD YOU!! I looked everywhere for you at carlisle and i didn't run into you once. I was told you were planning on making your appearance Sunday. Were you th ere and i just completely missed you? THAT SUCKS!! i was really looking forward to meeting the man behind the um...cans. :) LOL How ya been doing? i've been managing...I got to meet Dave Stragland and Ron Waters while i was at carlisle...great guys might i add. Im sorry i didn't get to see your shining smiley face there. Oh well, there is a next time, i suppose :P Im planning on going to Hershey when the big show hits (i think thats august??..i could be wrong). I've never been, but i was informed that there is a huge wealth of the old stuff there....didn't find anything for the desoto at carlisle, so maybe i'll have more luck there. Anyways...better go. Talk to ya later. Jessica Hendricks (ps. if i dont respond right away, dont be computer is down at home, and i am biding by the library's time.)


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