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Date: July 16, 2002
Time: 12:38:57


I was just on one of those Christine web sites. I own a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere and spent 4 hard years resoring it. I, like many other devoted forward look enthusiasts/restorers, went to countless flee markets and swap meets to try the best I could to peace my car back together. Thousands of dollars later I have a show winning car. What I am most thankful for is the fact that there are still a few of these cars left for us to enjoy. This so called 58 plymouth/christine enthusiast web site is starting a petition, encouraging people to help support a Christine part 2 movie sequel. These idiots are nothing more than over grown teenagers, with a sad motivation to see more 1958 Plymouths desroyed for the purpose of a film. These foolish dinks should spend more time trying to preserve our fine hobby(which they obviously know nothing about)rather than trying to destroy more of these fine cars. This petition is going to apparently be sent to John Carpenter and Stephan King.If John Carpenter and Stephan King read this petition I hope they take it and put it right in the toilet bowl. That is the only place for this type of stupidity. The unfortunate part is this stupid web site is a direct link off of this one. Those types of web sites have no place here. This web site is for people who love and want to perserve these fine cars not see them wrecked in a dumb movie sequel. This is to that Christine web site's web master, grow up and get a grip. Your mother should have turned you over her knee a long time ago. This would have likely prevented you from turning into the stupid idiot you are today. Thank-you!


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