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Master cyl. would work,but AVOID pre-'70 4-piston calipers

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: July 14, 2002
Time: 23:09:26


You could use that master cylinder. I would NOT use the 4-piston '65-69 calipers. They are prone to leakage,unless of course you want to pay $500 or more to have a place like Stainless Steel brakes sleeve the calipers! It is in fact worthwhile to convert '65-'69 disc brake C-bodies to the '70-up brakes for this reason. (I did that on my '69 Sport Fury conv. in 1987 because it was cheaper than sleeving the leaking calipers!) If you'd asked me beforehand,I would have told you not to buy any pre-'70 C-body front disc brake assemblies. As it is,sell them and use anything BUT them!


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