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Re: air shocks in front

From: dave
Remote Name:
Date: July 13, 2002
Time: 14:45:02


I don't know who makes air shocks for yor application, if you fidn out though, please tell me (have you checked with Hellwig?). I do know that the front spindles from a 1970 dodge charger will bolt up on your car, and they are about an inch shorter than stock-no one makes shorter ones that I know of, nor do I know of any other stock cars they will fit from. If you go with the 1970 spindles, you will need to replace your current steering arm as well-the ones I've found work best are from early 80's dodge diplomats and the like. Also, if you were to purchase the spindles from a '70 charger that had DISC brakes, you can then bolt up the entire '70 charger disc brake setup as well, which would save you cash over a kit, and bolts together very nicely. If you buy a certain bracket while your at it, you can cram 12" rotors under there, but you WILL need 15" rims. Good luck, ~dave


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