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Re: '37 knuckle!

From: alumcan
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Date: July 10, 2002
Time: 09:57:04


AW, there is no bad crap, that I know of today. Just a little resentment between 'real' bikers, (not the outlaw clubs) of the BOB's and RUB's. The 'instant' biker, or 'week-end'/part time biker. The A%$#&*^S in the 'cages' YES, I'll agree with you 110%! Couldn't give a %$#'s #*^ about any two wheel machine! I have a '90 FLHS, when I'm on every kind of street, road, OTHER than a limited axcess four lane, I run every light I got, on, to give that little extra edge to be seen. There is a big 'stink' in the legislature to ban 'drag or straight piped' Harleys. That 'Milwaukee potato, potato' sound IS a safety device! Can't see a bike, but you can hear it, might make someone wait just a second longer before pulling our in fornt of one. The helment law, sdould be, 'let those who ride deside.' My helmet makes a 'statement' (I had it painted over in the Phillipines, in '69 or '70) so I still use mine. That is what the 'hd' is in my ID. Anyway, good to know that there is another 'biker'amonst the FwdLkrs. Hank Dozier up there wants, to put a 259 inch Plymouth Hemi in a Boss Hoss!


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