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Re: BB bell, and a pile of Iron flites '37 knuckle!

From: Jim Barnett
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Date: July 10, 2002
Time: 08:11:11


Alumcan: yes, I know and that is one reason why I lament selling it. The '37 EL was almost all original with the exception of the brand new dual disc brake springer front end:o) I only rode it every once in awhile. MURDERCYCLEs justly deserve their moniker here in California given the autrocious way most people drive!!! I have owned and ridden motorcycles since I was 16 and I can honestly say that EVERY close call I ever had was here in San Diego AND it was ALWAYS the fault of the other driver (older person turning in front of me, pulling out of driveways without seeing me, changing lanes without looking or seeing me, etc.) I have owned three Sporties and several "other" brands of bikes over the years along with the EL. My wife ABSOLUTELY will not let me have another MC even though I have a hankering to get a Panhead Chopper to putt around on:o) I really would like to have one like Fonda rode in "The Wild Angels" (the first biker flick that started it all and also lead to the bad "rap" that most motorcyclists have live with even to this day:o( Jim


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