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You have to check this out !!!! Gas Mileage Dealertool (on ebay)

From: Gavin
Remote Name:
Date: July 09, 2002
Time: 13:33:39


OK guys this thing amazes me. A while back I got a copy of "Plymouth Traveller" magazine dating to 1960 to go with my '60 Belvedere. Interesting to see the dealer spiel/pictures/articles etc. Among the articles was one about how economical Plymouths are and how the potential Plymouth buyer can be convinced of this with a dealer test-drive... complete with what amounted to a large glass jar hanging from the drivers window through which fuel is diverted on its way to the carb. Bizarre or what ? The selling point being how slowly the fuel level in the jar drops as you drive. Now I have just seen on ebay that one of these contraptions is up for sale. Wow. That would be quite a talking point at shows wouldn't it? ebay item # 1840428935 Best regards, Gavin


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