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Long Ram 413 inot a '58 Belvedere??

From: Jim Barnett
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Date: July 09, 2002
Time: 13:18:48


OK, I apologize for reposting/asking this question again, BUT I originally posted it on the now defunct FL Discussion Page. Will a Long Ram 413 fit into a '58 Belvedere without clearance problems (original air cleaners and all)?? I intend to change the bell housing and use the existing tranny which was recently rebuilt. I don't particularlly care whether I use a LB 350/361/383 or an RB 413. It seems there are many more 413s available, but I am concerned about having to move stuff around in the engine compartment (current 318 Poly). THANK you ALL very much for responding to this question!! I really need to know WHICH engine to start looking for (a kind FLer has already located a ' 61 413 for me!) This is TRUELY a fantastic forum for all MOPAR affectionados!! Jim


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