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Re: BB bell, and a pile of Iron flites

From: alumcan
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Date: July 08, 2002
Time: 12:06:30


OK, Jimmy, I don't know if yer gonna like this or not. The way you were 'venting' in the past about persons having items you needed, and not helping out other MoParites, and,,,well,,,unusual trades,,,whatever. Well, guess what? I have a BB bell. BUT, it's not in that pile of 'flites, it is behind a complete 350 2bbl motor, and that motor is complete from fan to emergency brake drum. It goes along with that 350 stick Fury motor that I have to trade,,,,well you know. Jimmy, I didn't want to 'blab' this yet,,,but I have a lead on not one, but TWO convt parts cars! Well, actually THREE Convt parts cars. One is a Plymouth, and I can't use a Dod/Ply. NO trades, they are to be sold outright. So, if I purchase either one, or both of the convt parts cars,,,,ALL of my (not needed now) hard to find '58 Fury stuff will be offered to the FwdLk site FIRST, to the highest bidder,,,,then on to E-bay. DON'T E-maile me for a list/pictures/whatever, YET!!! (unless someone has a convt parts car to trade) As of today, (Monday) I just mailed out some 35mm film, and a disposible camera for this guy to take, you know, detiled pictures of both of these cars. One is a Chrysler and the other is a DeSoto. The description I have of the DeSoto, it is BAD! The description of the car is just short of being in two pieces, and so far into the ground, it could almost be classsified as a well or fill. So if any of the convt pieces can be saved or not??????? The Chrysler is 'supposed to be in a little better shape. TOO soon to tell, untill I get the pictures back I didn't want to tell you this information in case someone out there went and sold all to overseas. Then you find out that I have another part you need and start 'venting' again. You've allready said that you haven't been able to find a convt parts car to trade me. Fine, THANK YOU for even looking. So don't hold yer breath too long,,,. I'll let you/and everyone else that wants this Fury stuff know what's goin' on! Once I get started on this project, I'm gonna be NEEDING lots of money, so I will be selling everything I own and don't need, short of my chain saw/lawnmower/pick-up and Harley. (the only thing out of that bunch that isn't wore out is my Harley)


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