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Date: July 08, 2002
Time: 11:52:50


I have a question for anyone out there that might care. A few years back I was reading a readers digest from 1958.(I had bought a hole pile of em at a yard sale for five bucks they were all dated pre-1959).Any how, upon reading the one from 1958 I happen to stumble on an ad for Chrysler Canada.In this ad they were advertising their "Q for quality" on all Canadian built Chrysler cars.Acording to my father he seems to remember a small yellow "Q" in the left bottom corner of the front windshield. Apparently Chrysler put these small stickers there to ensure the customer that the car was thoroughly inspected before it left the factory. My question is was there any such thing ever installed on an American Plymouth, and does anyone out ther have any knowledge of these stickers. I have a picture of one so it would probably be possable to have it re-made, although I have no idea exactly what size it would have been. The picture I have is an enlarged Decal with a well drawn picture of a 1958 Plymouth over top of it. There is also a short story describing why Chrysler afixed these decals to every Plymouth. Any help would be much appreciated.


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