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Re: 392 (?) in a '60 Ply

From: alumcan
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Date: July 08, 2002
Time: 11:13:07


OK, So there was NEVER was a 392,5, or whatever, in a '60 Ply? I had a '60 serevice manual, B.F., and The ONLY two BB motors I remember reading about was the 361 and the 383. I remember Dad test driving the car, but as to the emblems, I can't remember that far back if they were there or not. The were were a couple OTHRER '60 Plymouths, Furys, with tu-toned paint jobs, there on the lot with those emblems on them. Ironicly, a old farmer over in Little Sanco somewhere, (Tyler Co) bought the car,,,,I guess he traded it back in '66, then Neil Smith, (the guy I was talking to, hoping that he had shoved it over the hill someplace,,,,a common occourance in rural WV) got it. I remember Neil having a set of Bob Densmore recapped white wall slicks on it. I didn't know Neil traded it back to Kinchelo. It was shortly after that, I left for four years of service. As to what DAD bought, this is funny, he didn't want that one Plymoth because it had a 'stick' transmission, but he went to Mullin Motor's in Marietta, Ohio and bought a white '60 four door, Fury, sedan with a 361 crossram! (NOT a 383, but a 361!) Dad took it back to Mullin's several months later, and told them he wanted a different motor. (thisin' was too fast) They gave him a new '61 318, $200., or $250, and did the swap. Plus they took the badges. Mom has a picture someplace that shows the car with, and without the badges. As to why Kinchelo took the badges off of one car bet left them on others,,,,,? Ok, what is the 'story' with this 395 anyway? Hi Eric, I guess you're right, 'long time no talk to'. I seen a couple of real old buses in the junk car section of E-bay and was thinking of you.


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