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Re: Drivetrain swap for '56 Belvedere. Anybody done this?

From: That Steve Guy
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Date: July 08, 2002
Time: 01:46:03


Well, I checked both cars as best I could. Yes, i can make it work, but I'm looking for something really simple. The rear end is a different width and anything wider or narrower will give me bad tire clearance. The engine is pretty much the same, but the tranny would need a custom crossmember and the Coronet driveshaft would have to be shortened. My second thought was to rebuilt the existing drivetrain and just swap the engine. Would you believe the bellhousing bolt pattern is different? Dang, if I were going to go all this trouble, I'd just stick a 383 in it. But, I do like the fact that a poly 318 would sort of look stock in the '56. Anyway, maybe it's best to just rebuild the 277 4 barrel Hy Fire that is in the car.


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