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Re: removing rear brake drums

From: Mopar Randy
Remote Name:
Date: July 07, 2002
Time: 18:12:07


You need to use a puller that pulls from the wheel studs. DO NOT use one that pulls from the lip of the drum. Various companies sell this type of puller; Snap On, Proto, NAPA, and even Miller still makes it. It's a simple process to remove the drum. Remove the cotter pin and the big nut from the axle, attach the puller to the wheel studs with the wheel nuts, seat the forcing screw against the axle and start torquing on the forcing screw. Most pullers come with a striking head so that you can beat on it with a big hammer or you can use a powerful air wrench right on the hex of the forcing screw. Just keep torquing on the forcing screw until the hub pops. you'll know when it does. Good luck, Mopar Randy


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