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Re: 392 (?) in a '60 Ply

From: Joe Godec
Email: Sonoramic60@aol,com
Remote Name:
Date: July 07, 2002
Time: 08:47:40


Alumcan -- What he probably saw was the 361 CID 305 horse "Golden Commando" "B" wedge engine that was pretty popular then. Its torque rating was 395 ft. lbs. and it had a "Golden Commando 395" sticker on the air cleaner (don't recall it being on the valve covers, but. . . .). I wouldn't be surprised if he got the numbers slightly mixed up. As to the "scare badges" on the front fenders, a lot of guys wouldn't have them put on (I don't believe they were installed until the car got to the dealer) or took them off themselves.


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