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392 (?) in a '60 Ply

From: alumcan
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Date: July 07, 2002
Time: 01:49:22


OK, someone with '60 Plymouth knowlege awnser me this. In 1960 Kinchelow (spelling wrong ?) Motors in Sistersville, WV had a Belvy hard top with, what I though was a 361 and a 'three-on-the-tree'. I was talking today with the second owner who swears up and down that the motor was a 392 wedge, and said so on the valve covers. When he could keep the clutch in it, he could lay two strips of rubber for two blocks! I was checking if by any chance he still had the car. He left for the service in '66 and traded it back to Kinchelow for a '59 Ford. More dependible and wouldn't run hot. There were no 'sono/golden' emblems on either of the front fenders. I saw an ad for some '60 Plymouth a long time ago, and there was mention of a 392 wedge. I thought that someone selling the car was thinking of the '57-8 Hemi and didn't know any better. What gives with this 392???? ( I know, let's ask Einstine! He knows everything!)


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