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Paints and codes for '57 Chrysler.

From: Risto Kivela
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Date: July 06, 2002
Time: 15:22:19


Hi forwardlookers (sorry this is a bit long), I'm restoring my '57 Chrysler NYer 2DHT and I'm having some difficulties in finding correct exterior and interior paints. Also I didn't see a data plate in radiator support where it's supposed to be according to my documentation, but I found a plate in my pass. side firewall top. Here are the codes from the plate: ?? N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 SLO NO 5 5 SO NO Model BT PT TR SP 0723 8124 C76 1166 XFX 025 According this plate the NYer has two tone: Cloud White and Parade Green Metallic exterior paint, which seems to be correct. Interior is also two tone: light green (Seafoam Aqua ?) and darker green (???). The problems that I have are the following: 1. is data plate code TR 025 indicating my interior colors? If so does anyone know what are they? I think that the light green is Seafoam Aqua, but I've got no idea what the darker green color is. 2. I'm having difficulties in finding shops selling Cook paints. According to documentation that I have the Seafoam Aqua and Clould White colors approved vendor is Cook (SA = 832-G-106, CW = 832-L-104), but none of the local paint shops haven't even heard about Cook paints. Anyone know where one might be able to buy Cook paints here in US? That's about it. Happy cruisin' times! - Risto from FINland -


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