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Re: Not even close

From: Joe Godec
Remote Name:
Date: July 04, 2002
Time: 15:27:07


Roger and Daven -- The Dodge version was called the D-500 and I think the '60 had kind of a winged "D-500" with the letter and numbers vertical in the wings (or it may have been a shield). I believe the '61 had the "500" in red over a kind of stylized 4-point star. This was on the rear end of the car, underneath the trunklid openings on the left side. I believe the '60 and '61 Plymouths both used the same "Golden Commando Power" badge, but I never saw a '61 ram Plymouth with the "scare emblem" out here in Colorado in those days (perhaps because they just didn't want 'em on for fairly obvious reasons). The '61s with the various Golden Commandos almost always had the emblem and I'm pretty sure it was the same as that of '60, but on the decklid.


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