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Re: History of Bendix Electrojector in MOPARs

From: Sherwood Kahlenberg
Email: 818-314-5672
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Date: July 04, 2002
Time: 01:13:04


I'd like to add to what Mr. Dozier wrote a week or so ago. The Bendix Electrojector was not produced in 318 form. It was available in B-block form i.e. Plymouth - 350, Dodge - 361 and DeSoto -383. There were far fewer of these cars built than Mr. Dozier stated. There were 22 300Ds (392 hemi) built. The problem with the injection was that the transisters were germanium based and, consequently, they were sensitive to temperature. In other words, they were nearly impossible to tune as any movement in temperature changed the tuning of the injection. I met the man at Chrysler whose job it was to tune the cars. I finally told him what the problem was as he thought all those years that it was his fault the cars wouldn't stay in tune. The system was perfected in 1959 in the basement of the home of one of America's greatest unknown and unsung heroes whose achievements included building the TV camera for the Eagle -- Yes, the one that caught Neil Armstrong's step for mankind... While this American Hero called himself an electrical engineer, he did not graduate college. His inventions included spy cameras, cable TV and the technology for the fax machine. I hope this adds to everyone's knowledge of the beginning of the electronic era. The FI cars are significant pieces of history.


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