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Torch Red...opinions anyone???

From: Jim Barnett
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Date: July 03, 2002
Time: 08:14:27


I'd appreciate some opinions about using Chevy Corvette "Torch Red" on my Christine Clone. She is going to be painted this Friday and I must decide whether to use Flame Red, Bright Red, OR Torch Red (all Chevy colors). I am leaning towards the Torch Red. It appears to be the brightest red I've seen and I was told the newer Corvettes are painted this color and I really like those RED 'Vettes. THANKS for posting your opinions. This has been a nightmare choice for me. I've had about ten people recommend about ten different reds and I DO APPRECIATE IT, but it sure makes choosing all the more difficult:o) THANKS AGAIN for the help. You Forward Look folks are the BEST!!! Jim


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