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'57-61 front end better than F-body's

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: July 02, 2002
Time: 22:55:05


The transverse (left to right) torsion bars of the F-body are inferior to the conventional (front to back) torsion bars if handling is your goal. In terms of suspension geometry,the conventional bars would be superior in handling and the transverse setup would be superior for a softer ride. Some of the transverse bar cars did handle very well (the later Diplomat cop cars), but the conventional bar cars always seemed to have good riding qualities as well. (Especially as fullsize cars) Really,swapping in an F-body suspension is pointless. The factory suspension of 1957-61 was the BEST suspension of ANY American car at that time,it's still excellent by today's standards. Modern brakes,tires and anti-roll bars work miracles with these cars. The 1957-61 torsion bar setup was WAY beyond the limits of the tires and brakes of that time. In fact their suspension is still basically a BETTER suspension than found in today's Ford fullsize RWD V8 cars! SUV's can't keep up with my '60 wagon on the winding mountain roads.....


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