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Re: Volare front end swap

From: Jamie
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Date: July 02, 2002
Time: 00:20:33


LOL...Sorry Dave...I just reread my own post and realized that I got so caught up in the debate over "why" that I forgot to answer any of YOUR questions! (duh!), I dont know for a fact that this swap will work, but most full and midsize cars are roughly the same width, so it should be close to being able to put in the crossmember without building new frame rails (probably have to run a different offset front wheel though). I will probably have to build new mounts to the inside of the rails to bolt in the crossmember, but it's really nothing too complex. The wiring harness....I want to use the whole thing, so that I will have the wiring for all the accessories I want to use. Plus, the 59 has been sitting for 13 years outside, and mice have completely destroyed the interior, including the wiring. But, the body has very minimal rust in the rockers only, and the frame is perfect. So another reason for the suspension swap is that all of it on my car is rusted to the point that I'd have to replace everything. Every brake line, hose, lining, ball joint, tie rod, etc. The idea for this changeover first came after I put a 48 Chevy pickup body on an 87 Suburban chassis at work ( I work in a unibody/frame repair shop). I used the entire frame and driveline from the Suburban after shortening the frame 3 inches, set the body back on, built all new body mounts, remounted the running boards, etc, and reused the entire wiring harness. The customer loved it, since he can just jump in his 48 pickup, hit the switch, and he has fuel injection, an automatic, A/C....the whole works. But, I'm a Mopar guy through and through, so I'd never go to that much work on a Chevy again unless I was getting paid for it again! My Belvedere will be a labor of love, and for my enjoyment. By the way, I'm in David City, NE....about an hour west of Omaha....if you're close, I'd love for ya to stop by after I make some progress and show you how I'm doing!


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