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Re: Volare front end swap

From: Jamie
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Date: July 02, 2002
Time: 00:03:38

Comments we've got the debate going! LOL I knew that someone would ask the inevitible "why" question sooner or later, but I think that Dave did an excellent job of answering it so far. Something I'd like to add, however, is that my car is not equipped with power brakes or steering. I've also seen the disc swap kits, and if I remember right, they were upwards of $500....I got this whole running Dippy for $200. I won't get into an argument with anyone whether or not the straight bars were good or not...I've had a ton of cars with that same setup, and they handled great! But, with this, I get power steering, power disc brakes, torsion bars for easy height adjustability, SWAY bars front and rear (which my car doesnt have), the newer 318 4-barrel, 727 trans, newer rear end (hence easier to get parts for), the entire A/C setup, radiator, lug nuts instead of those dreadful bolts holding the wheels on, and all of these parts cost me a grand total of $200. Now I wont argue the fact that a person really should restore all of these cars to the Nth degree, but I've always been the type to do things on the theory that "why buy it if I can build it". I am not intending for this 59 Belvedere 2 door post car to be a 100% restoration, but merely a nice daily driver and a weekend cruiser that I can load up and take on vacation now and then. I also fully realize that if I should decide to try and sell the car some day down the road, that it will not command top dollar for a 59. But then again, it's not a Fury, and it's not a hardtop, so the resale wouldnt be at a premium anyway. So in conclusion to this probably-too-long post, I'm building my car for my enjoyment, and the enjoyment of seeing an increasingly rare car driving down the highway and making kids in thier rice grinders look at it with thier mouths dropping open. I just love these cars, and will try to help out anyone in the Forward Look coomunity with thier own cars in any way that I can!


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