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Re: Volare front end swap

From: Dave Sankey
Remote Name:
Date: July 01, 2002
Time: 09:29:31


Sounds good. I re-read your last post after I posted my reply and realized you had already told me you were gonna use the motor/tranny/rear out of the Diplomat. What does it take to be able to just bolt the K member in under the new(old) car? Does the frame just have to be about the same width across the front, or is there more to it? I recently spoke with a guy who did a Volare front end in a 56 Plymouth and he cut the original frame off at the firewall and fabricated it from there forward. Sounded like a drag to me, considering that I know it's possible to just bolt it under some cars. He obviously had to fabricate all the mounting points for the sheet metal and said that he had to put the sheetmetal on and off the car like 3 or 4 times during the process to be sure everything was going where it should. Wiring harness too, huh? Just in the engine compartment, or are you talking about the entire car? BTW where do you live? I just realized that I might be able to see your car in person one of these days and save you the expense of buying a scanner...


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